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AMX Resources essays

AMX Resources articles ID Love ( Director, Non-official Dir. ) MJ Palmer ( Chairman, Director, Non-official Dir. ) With the $30,000 I needed to put I purchased 37980 offers in the organization at $0.79. At that point I paused and trusted that they would go up. At the point when the offers arrived at the cost of $1.24 I sold them. One purpose behind this was on watching the stock trade and a portion of the stocks that ascent quickly is that sooner or later the stocks drop since everyone needs to sell them before others do and the value drops. The day after I sold the offers in AMX Resources the cost dropped $0.14 to $1.10. After that it dropped consistently to $0.98. At the point when it arrived at this point I figured I may get them again yet I didnâ ¡t and the cost didnâ ¡t ascend until after our exchanging time had wrapped up. h Will Becker gave me a tip. (A main explanation as I donâ ¡t have a lot of thought on the stock trade) h I investigated the organization and there was a touch of development going on thus I figured it may go up. h I didnâ ¡t have whatever else to put resources into. h It was a mining share thus inclined to very enormous changes. AMX Resources is an organization essentially associated with the gold investigation segment. The organization has been around for some time thus I figured it would be a decent purchase. Something else I took a gander at while searching for an offer to purchase was the year high and the year low. I assume in a manner I was fortunate that somebody in our gathering was entirely engaged with the stock trade. I was additionally fortunate that the stock went up and didnâ ¡t crash. There isn't a lot of power over the securities exchange thus any cash that is won is either a great deal of good karma or a piece and some great administration. With this offer I began with $30,000. ... <!

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Lucy Stowes Journey Essays - Villette, Bretton, Lucy, The Lucy Poems

Lucy Stowe's Journey At the point when Lucy Stowe sheets a boat to head out to Villette, she is solicited Are you affectionate from an ocean journey by (the yet to be known) Ms. Fanshaw. Since this was Lucy's first excursion abroad, she answers that her affection is yet to be experienced. In any case, Lucy's favoritism for the ocean is clear all through the novel. She outlines her past with a heap of nautical illustrations and symbolisms of water that proposes a profound association with the ocean. This association seems to get from water being the principle type of going during the nineteenth Century; and travel through life's encounters is our main event. Life is paid attention to as an excursion, so Lucy hence, is a vessel that perseveres through the turbulent waters of life's social marks of shame and the worries of familial connections, or the quiet waters of life's delights. Lucy utilizes the representation of ocean travel to show her familial relationship with Mrs. Bretton; as examination between a conventional authority, and a cutting edge autonomous woman. She says, The contrast among her and me may be figured by that between the impressive boat, cruising safe of smooth oceans, with it's full supplement of group, a commander gay and valiant. She alludes to Ms. Bretton's figuratively as an individual of means. She has a full team that bolsters her needs and a skipper to direct her; deferentially these terms could insinuate the acknowledgment and backing inside the social or familial structure as a widow of a rich, regarded man. The commander could be an inference to her child, who even in the unfavorable conditions after the loss of their fortune despite everything had him to help her easily enough. Lucy goes further to state, the Luisa Bretton never was out of harbor on such a night; her group couldn't consider it. This further means as one boat ident ifies with another, Mrs. Bretton was a lady upheld by her social and familial status, and genuine hardship is obscure to her. Lucy, in any case, knows the mishap from which Mrs. Bretton had assurance. She represents her own individual as a tough raft in this way she does not have a team and a skipper. On the off chance that the world was a huge ocean and life was an ocean venture, this imagery would catch all that Lucy Stowe is inside it: a little, deft, ignored, singular individual with a solidified outside, a fearless soul, as independent will and a light heart. Lucy is basically an overcomer of life's undertakings. In spite of the fact that she is an extreme raft in one symbolic reference, in a type of a fantasy, Lucy turns into an occupant of the ocean, maybe the mermaid that she imagines in the mirror's appearance. She depicts her environmental factors as by one way or another like a collapse an ocean. The cavern underneath miles of water fills in as a haven from the tempest above, much like the room inside the home of Dr. John where she recoups from her close to death ailment. It is the sanctuary given by a sponsor, a similar bit of leeway that Mrs. Bretton has consistently known. Be that as it may, Lucy Stowe was never intended to live the style regularly gave to ladies and young ladies of that time. She, as she depicts, I by one way or another probably fallen over-board and the group as her foreordained sponsors died in the tempest. Regardless of whether Lucy appears as a traveler, a mermaid or the ocean vessel itself, she depicts every last bit of her faculties and her background with images and illustrations identifying with the ocean. Mrs. Bretton is alluded to as a vessel that Lucy goes through her own life venture. Similar remains constant for Ms. Beck when she says that she moves like a boat fearing breakers (407). The ocean and its questionable serenity or unpredictability is comparable to Lucy's perspective on the world. She is either sheltered from the fiercest breakers in the home of Dr. John, or is presented to the unsure, blustery threats of autonomy which acquires briny waves her throat, or her sentimental satisfaction is an ocean breaking into tune with every one of its waves.

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Charleston Charleston. 1 City (1990 pop. 20,398), seat of Coles co., E Ill.; inc. 1835. Charleston is an industrial, rail, and trade center located in an agricultural area; shoes are also made. Eastern Illinois Univ. is there. A Lincoln-Douglas debate was held in Charleston on Sept. 8, 1858. Local attractions include an enormous statue of Lincoln and nearby Lincoln Log Cabin State Park and Fox Ridge State Park. 2 City (1990 pop. 80,414), seat of Charleston co., SE S.C.; founded 1680, inc. 1783. The oldest city in the state and one of the chief ports of entry in the SE United States, Charleston lies on a low, narrow peninsula between the Ashley and Cooper rivers at the head of the bay formed by their confluence. In the bay or bordering it are Patriots Point, with the Yorktown and other warship museums; Sullivans Island, site of Fort Moultrie ; James Island; Morris Island, with a lighthouse; Fort Sumter ; and Castle Pinckney , on Shutes Folly. Many transportation routes converge at Cha rleston, and through its almost landlocked harbor extensive coastal and foreign trade is carried on; the city also is a cruise port. Until 1996, Charleston was headquarters for the 6th U.S. naval district and for the U.S. air force defense command. The extensive facilities included a submarine base and a huge navy yard (est. 1901) in North Charleston, which still houses a large naval electronics facility and has been redeveloped for private industry. Among the city's varied manufactures are chemicals, steel, motor vehicle parts, pulp and paper, textiles, and clothing. The city's old homes and winding streets, historic sites, and charm, together with its mild climate and nearby beaches and gardens (including Middleton Place, Magnolia Gardens, and Cypress Gardens), attract tourists. Many colonial buildings survive, among them St. Michael's Episcopal Church (begun 1752), noted for its chimes, and the Miles Brewton house (1765â€"69). Also here are the Powder Magazine (c.1713); the Gib bes Museum of Art; the Charleston Museum (1773) and the City Market (1804â€"41), each among the oldest of their kind in the country; and Fort Sumter National Monument. The waterfront, especially the Battery, and the Grace Memorial Bridge over the Cooper River, are famous Charleston landmarks; the South Carolina Aquarium is on a wharf in the harbor. Cabbage Row surrounds a court that was the Catfish Row of DuBose Heyward's novel Porgy. The annual azalea festival is a popular event, and the Spoleto U.S.A. music and arts festival (see Spoleto Festival ) has been held in the city since 1977. Charleston is the seat of the Citadel , the Medical Univ. of South Carolina, Charleston Southern Univ., and the College of Charleston (1790), which in 1837 became the first municipal college in the United States. Noted resorts lie east and west of the city. The English settled (1670) at Albemarle Point, on the western bank of the Ashley River, c.7 mi (11 km) from modern Charleston. They move d in 1680 to Oyster Point, where their capital, Charles Town, had been laid out. The city became the most important seaport, and the center of wealth and culture, in the southern colonies. Non-English immigrants, among whom French Huguenots were prominent, added a cosmopolitan touch. Charleston was an early theatrical center; the Dock Street Theatre (opened 1736) was one of the first established in the country. In the American Revolution, after being successfully defended (1776, 1779) by William Moultrie, Charleston was surrendered (May 12, 1780) by Benjamin Lincoln to the British under Sir Henry Clinton, who held it until Dec. 14, 1782. The capital was moved to Columbia in 1790, but Charleston remained the region's social and economic center. The South Carolina ordinance of secession (Dec., 1860) was passed in Charleston, and the city was the scene of the act precipitating the Civil Warâ€"the firing on Fort Sumter (Apr. 12, 1861). With its harbor blockaded and the city under virt ual siege by Union forces (1863â€"65), Charleston suffered partial destruction but did not fall until Feb., 1865, after it had been isolated by Sherman's army. A violent earthquake on Aug. 31, 1886, with an estimated magnitude of 7.3., took many lives and made thousands homeless; it was the most powerful earthquake on the E coast of the United States in historic times. Periodic storms, such as Hurricane Hugo (1989), have also caused great damage. The city's port experienced signficant growth during the late 20th cent. See R. N. Rosen, A Short History of Charleston (1982); Q. Bell et al., Charleston (1988); S. R. Wise, Gates of Hell (1994); P. Starobin, Madness Rules the Hour: Charleston, 1860 and the Mania for War (2017). 3 City (1990 pop. 57,287), state capital and seat of Kanawha co., W central W.Va., on the Kanawha River where it is joined by the Elk River; inc. 1794. Charleston is an important transportation and trading center for the highly industrialized Kanawh a valley and a producer of chemicals, fabricated pipe and sheet metal, machinery, food and beverages, concrete, and railroad ties. Salt, coal, natural gas, clay, sand, timber, and oil are found in the region. The city grew around the site of Fort Lee (1788). Daniel Boone lived there from 1788 to 1795. The capital was transferred there from Wheeling in 1870, then back to Wheeling in 1875, and finally to Charleston in 1885. The state capitol (completed 1932) has a dome higher than that of the U.S. capitol, and the cultural center around it contains an art gallery, museum, planetarium, and notable gardens. The city is the seat of the Univ. of Charleston, and West Virginia State Univ. is nearby. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2012, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. See more Encyclopedia articles on: U.S. Political Geography

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A Letter Of Intent An Offer Is When A Person Or Company...

An offer is when a person or company proposes a deal. The offeror is the one who creates the offer, while the offeree is the one whom the offer is directed towards. Under the common law there are statements that do not amount to an offer, problems with the definiteness in an offer, the termination of offers, and the acceptance of offers. Also keep in mind that under the Uniform Commercial Code there are different rules regulating offers and acceptance with the sale of goods. First let’s define statements that do not amount to an offer. These are invitations to bargain, price quotes, letters of intent, advertisements, and auctions. Invitations to bargain is when you set the lowest price you are willing to sell a product at and the other party can negotiate above that. This is not an offer. Price quotas, lists of prices, are also generally not considering an offer, but a request to receive an offer. A letter of intent summarizes the negotiating process between two parties. Be ca reful with letter of intent because if they language claims the parties intended to be bound then the letter will bind the two parties. Advertisements and auctions are similar to a price quota in the fact that it is merely a request for offers, but is not an offer itself. An offer must also be definite. Offers that are vague or have a problem with definiteness will not be enforced in court because of a lack of information. Language that should be avoided are statements like â€Å"a fair wage,† â€Å"aShow MoreRelatedA Letter Of An Offer1243 Words   |  5 PagesAn offer is when a person or company proposes a deal. The offeror is the one who creates the offer, while the offeree is the one whom the offer is directed towards. Under the common law, there are statements that do not amount to an offer, problems with the definiteness with an offer, the termination of offers, and the acceptance of offers. Also keep in mind that under the Uniform Commercial Code there are different rules regulating offers and acceptance with the sale of goods. First, let’s defineRead MoreContract Act of Pakistan10329 Words   |  42 Pageswords. For example, delivery of goods by their owner to a man who has offered to buy them for a certain price will be understood by every one, unless there be some indication to the contrary, to signify acceptance of that offer. No words are needed, again, to explain the intent with which a man steps into a ferryboat or a tramcar, or drops a coin into an automatic machine. It is also possible for parties to hold communication by means of prearranged signs not being any form of cipher or secret writingRead MoreIRS Practice And Procedures Lessons10503 Words   |  43 Pagespower-of-attorney form. What is this, how is it filed, and why is it necessary? 8. What is the Centralized Authorization File (CAF)? 9. To whom does the Chief Counsel of the IRS report? 10. You are researching a point of law and discover a private letter ruling that supports your position. May you use this authority in a memorandum of law to the IRS or in a court brief? 11. You have just received a frantic telephone call from a client saying that his bank account has been frozen because of an IRSRead MoreContract Obligations When Going Into Business with Partners7047 Words   |  29 PagesStructure 2 1.2 Formation of a proposed company 2 1.3 Registration 2-3 Section 2 Memorandum of Association 3 2.1 Article of Association 4 2.3 Directors of Company 4-5 2.4 Secretary 5 2.5 Share Capital 5 2.6 Charges 5-6 2.7 Auditors 6 2.8 AGM or EGM 6 Section 3 Any Protection under Irish Company Law 6-7 Section 4 Conclusion` 7 Reference 8 Appendix Appendix A Company limited by share 9 Appendix B DutiesRead MoreWalnut Venture Asociates Deal Terms5078 Words   |  21 PagesHarvard Business School 9-899-097 Rev. November 19, 1998 Walnut Venture Associates (D): RBS Deal Terms It was Friday, June 5, 1998, and Bob O’Connor was headed home for the weekend. He knew it would be a busy one, for he had many decisions to make. He had been trying to raise capital for his Company – the RBS Group, a software firm – for almost a year. He felt like he was finally nearing the end of this process, but now more issues had arisen. First, his prospective investors wanted to increaseRead MoreWalnut Deal Terms D Case5037 Words   |  21 PagesHarvard Business School 9-899-097 Rev. November 19, 1998 Walnut Venture Associates (D): RBS Deal Terms It was Friday, June 5, 1998, and Bob O’Connor was headed home for the weekend. He knew it would be a busy one, for he had many decisions to make. He had been trying to raise capital for his Company – the RBS Group, a software firm – for almost a year. He felt like he was finally nearing the end of this process, but now more issues had arisen. First, his prospective investors wanted to increaseRead MoreCorporation (Fisch) Outline Penn Law Essay62808 Words   |  252 PagesStructural Changes 85 A.) Transactions in Control 85 B.) Mergers and Acquisitions 86 1.) Mergers 87 2.) Sale of Assets 93 3.) Asset Purchase or Tender Offer 94 C.) Public Control Contests 96 1.) The Poison Pill 100 2.) Enhanced Review When Business is Up for Sale 103 3.) Proxy Contests for Corporate Control 106 4.) Protecting the Deal: Shareholder Lockup Agreements 109 I.) INTRODUCTORY PRINCIPLES †¢ Definitions o Corporate Law: The allocation of rights and power withinRead MoreWorkplace Bullying And The Workplace3373 Words   |  14 Pagesprotections limited to anti-discrimination 9 Works Cited 10 What is workplace bullying and where does it come from? Workplace bullying As per WBI U.s. Workplace Bullying Survey Workplace Bullying is repeated, health-hurting abuse of one or more persons (the focuses) by one or more culprits. It is  abusive conduct  that is: Threatening, embarrassing, or scaring, or work obstruction — harm — which keeps work from accomplishing, or verbal misuse. Bullying is abusive behavior, alluding to its mostRead MoreEssay on Access to Mental Health4536 Words   |  19 Pagesliving in a countryside setting. Others cannot get to treatment for the reason of shortage of transportation or vast work and household tasks. In some areas, when a mental health professional is accessible, however inpatient psychiatric hospitalization is not. Urban health centers may have such time-consuming waiting lists that mentally ill persons give up on getting care. Population Affected Neighborhood segregation leads to unequal access to mental health care. The lack of professionals in minorityRead MoreEssay on Blaw 200 Mid-Term 12 Study Guide18203 Words   |  73 Pagesunconstitutional and will not be enforced, no matter what the source. * Statute – Also known as Statutory Law are laws enacted by legislative bodies at any level of government, such as the statues passed by Congress of by the state legislatures. When a legislature passes a statute, that statute ultimately is included in the federal code of laws or the relevant state code of laws. Statutory law also includes local Ordinances – statutes (laws, rules, or orders) passed by municipal or county governing

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Greek Mythology - Bible vs Biblos

The Bible is sometimes called the Good Book, which is fitting since the word Bible comes from the Greek word for book, biblos. For the Greeks, the bible was Homer, particularly, The Iliad, and Hesiod. The Father of History, the Greek Classical period traveler Herodotus (c. 484-425 B.C.) writes: Whence the gods severally sprang, whether or no they had all existed from eternity, what forms they bore - these are questions of which the Greeks knew nothing until the other day, so to speak. For Homer and Hesiod were the first to compose Theogonies, and give the gods their epithets, to allot them their several offices and occupations, and describe their forms; and they lived but four hundred years before my time, as I believe.~ Herodotus Book IIYou can find a religious world view, morals, customs, genealogy, and more in Homer and Hesiod. However, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and Theogony were not sacred texts. (Depending on your definition, the Greeks had other sacred texts, like hymns and responses of the oracles.)The Opening of The Iliad The Iliad begins, not with the creation of the world in 6 days, but with an invocation of the goddess or muse:Sing, O goddess, followed by the story of the wrath of the great Greek hero of the Trojan War, Achilles:the anger of Achilles son of Peleus, that brought countless ills upon the Achaeans. Many a brave soul did it send hurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogs and vultures, for so were the counsels of Jove fulfilled from the day on which the son of Atreus, king of men, and great Achilles, first fell out with one another.... and his anger at the expeditions leader, Agamemnon, who has strained relations with his best man by stealing his beloved concubine and committed sacrilege:And which of the gods was it that set them on to quarrel? It was the son of Jove and Leto [Apollo]; for he was angry with the king and sent a pestilence upon the host to plague the people, because the son of Atreus had dishonoured Chryses his priest.(Samuel Butler translation) The Place of Gods in Mans Life Gods in Homers ancient heroic age walked among men, but they were much more powerful than humans and could be prevailed upon by prayer and sacrifice to help human beings. We see this in the opening of The Iliad where the rhapsode (the composer/singer of the story) Homer seeks divine inspiration to create a great epic, and where an old man seeks the return of his abducted daughter.There is nothing in this Greek great book (The Iliad) about taking clay and forming it in a certain likeness or taking a rib from said animated clay, although the latter, the story of the creation of woman (Pandora) by a craftsman, does appear differently elsewhere in the canon of Greek mythology.Next Page: Creation Stories Introduction to Greek Mythology Myth in Daily LifeWhat Is Myth?Myths vs. LegendsCreation StoriesTitanomachyOlympian Gods and GoddessesFive Ages of ManPhilemon and BaucisPrometheusTrojan WarBulfinch MythologyMyths and LegendsKingsley Tales from Mythology | Golden Fleece and the Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne Confusing Creation Stories Creation StoriesUranos RevengeTitanomachyPhilemon and BaucisPrometheus Version 1: Genesis 1.27 King James27: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Version 2: Genesis 2.21-2321: And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 22: And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 23: And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.... the story of the 5 Ages Also see Jewish Legends - Creation Genealogy Shows Mans Relationship to God(s) The stories one polis told about its divine connection might or might not contradict the stories of another polis about its connection with the same god. Sometimes what looks like an effort to smooth out one set of inconsistencies seems to have created others. It might serve those of us coming to the Greek stories from a Judaeo-Christian tradition to remember that there are plenty of apparent inconsistencies in the Bible, too. Reference: [url formerly] Interesting Quotations from the Iliad Introduction to Greek Mythology Myth in Daily LifeWhat Is Myth?Myths vs. LegendsGods in the Heroic Age - Bible vs. BiblosTrojan WarBulfinch MythologyMyths and LegendsGolden Fleece and the Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Gender and Power by Raewyn Connell Scholarship Essay

Essays on Gender and Power by Raewyn Connell Scholarship Essay The paper "Gender and Power by Raewyn Connell" is a great example of an essay on literature. I was really shocked when I viewed these photos for the first time because I have not seen such pictures of men before. These photos typically contradict with nature because men are considered as a symbol of power and strength in the society, while the photo album shows an opposite aspect of the picture. Here in these photos, all the men were placed in â€Å"pin-up girl† poses, which was absolutely opposite to the role and position of men in society. Women are by nature weak and attractive, therefore in such poses, they look attractive and sexy. However, men are not supposed to possess such qualities and if they are captured even in such poses, it will make no sense rather they will be perceived as a funny thing by the audience.   These paragraphs explain the relationship between gender and power in society. It says that how the norms and culture of a society affect the role of opposite sexes and how it shapes the extent of power that can be exercised by each gender. Research shows that from the ancient societies of the present world, it has been clear that Men are always considered as a symbol of power (Connell). They have the responsibility to look after their families and arrange a suitable life standard for them. Men are not only physically strong, but they also possess a strong and intelligent mind level, which is the only reason that the majority of the rulers of the world are men. Whereas, women, on the other hand, are considered as weak and dependable part of the society and they are supposed to exercise their duties within the prescribed limits. Though in modern societies, people consider men and women on the same footings, it’s a universal fact that women are by birth weak and dependable as co mpared to men.

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The Oppression Of Females In Advertising Essay free essay sample

, Research Paper The Oppression of Females in Ad: Desirable behaviour is sought by people throughout the universe based on how one is brought up and the outlooks one is bombarded with on a day-to-day footing. When people begin to organize certain outlooks in life at that place get down to be formed stereotypes. It is from here that advertisement finds its most powerful arms. By concentrating on these culturally formed stereotypes they can explicitly impact people, and by feeding on these implicitly realized features of people they can besides impact behaviour. This seems comparatively harmless to the advertizer who merely wants to sell his/her merchandise, but it becomes harmful when it begins to perpetuate certain unwanted stereotypes to the point of cementing them in waxy heads. The word picture of females in advertisement perpetuates these stereotypes and robs other females of the opportunity to organize original sentiments. Using the ads presented here as illustrations, the portraiture of adult females can be broken down into several classs. We will write a custom essay sample on The Oppression Of Females In Advertising Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page First is the thought of beauty. The majority of each ad is devoted to the beautification of adult females # 8217 ; s hair, face, and organic structure. Womans are bombarded with airbrushed, absolutely lit, invariably happy images of gorgeous theoretical accounts that portray every ideal of our society. The chief subjects are the undermentioned: make-up, aroma, chests and cleavage, and tonss of tegument. First make-up. Womans are non expected to be presentable without the aid of the latest chemical techn ique to take defects, darken eyes, lengthen ciliums, coat the lips, and take radiance. Next is the word picture of aromas. The basic constructs behind aroma ads are of sex, familiarity, alien drugs, and flight from world. By protraying the aromas as some kind of alien pheromone they seem to insinuate that one will be wholly resistless and that without the usage of aroma one could neer pull a adult male. Then there are the existent theoretical accounts. These adult females break the school miss norm that the mean adult females was brought up keeping true. The theoretical accounts reveal a overplus of flesh non accepted as norm within this society. This conflicts greatly with how much the mean female reveals. The world is that North America is non merely all white beautiful, immature, healthy, in form, good – off people running about with no attention except the Latess manner tendencies. It is clip corporations stop lavishing adult females with a desirable image that they can no n trust to achieve. If one Michigan to see the impressionability of the human head, particularly the immature 1s, it becomes scaring to believe that these blazing stereotyped word picture # 8217 ; s can be picked up in any library or apothecarys shop for anyone to read. Of class I believe that people should be allowed to explicate their ain sentiments and have freedom to read and look at whatever they choose, but I feel that the people developing these advertizements should move with a little more duty towards society and pay more attending to what they are publishing.